Elevating banking experiences

Elevating banking experiences is not just a goal, it is our unwavering commitment. At Novus, we understand that in today's rapidly evolving financial services landscape delivering impactful experiences is an ongoing journey of innovation, empowerment, and collaboration. We empower banks and financial institutions to deliver unparalleled customer experiences and streamline operations, embracing the transformative power of technology. With a deep understanding of the intricate nuances of the financial services sector, we stand as your partner, offering expertise and solutions that redefine what digital banking can be. We provide a suite of solutions that address your specific needs.

Financial inclusion

With the increasing pressure on profit margins and the competitive landscape, institutions face challenges in justifying brick-and-mortar channels, especially in rural areas where financial inclusion services are needed the most. We enable customers to access basic banking services through their mobile phones, even in remote areas where branches are not present. This includes services like mobile wallets, digital payment apps, microfinance, peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfers and microinsurance.

Bank in a Box

Our modular Bank in a Box solution is a ready-to-launch banking services model. Bank in a Box can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of a Bank or financial institution. It can be agent-based, self-service-based, or branch-based, and is fast to replicate. This allows banks to quickly set up and launch various banking services and products at any viable location. Explore the Phygital (a combination of Physical and Digital) banking with us.

Agency banking

Our Agency Banking solution offers a scalable and feature-rich digital platform that extends the reach of financial institutions beyond traditional delivery channels. Our Agency banking solution enables access to cash without ATMs, financial services to everyone, bill payments, and a merchant-based eco-system that supports commerce with convenience.

Mobile apps

Novabank Mobile apps include apps for mobile banking, digital wallets, merchant apps, and banking agent apps. Our Mobile apps provide customers with 24/7 access to their accounts and banking services from the convenience of their smartphones. Customers can also avail features such as bill payments, fund transfers and online shopping. Our mobile apps streamline the banking process, allowing agents to onboard and serve customers more efficiently. Agents can process transactions, access customer information swiftly, address queries and cross-sell products and services to customers. Through our integrated platform, we empower merchants to facilitate secure mobile payments for their customers.

Managed self-service

With our Managed self-service model, banking customers enjoy 24x7 self-service channels like cash services on ATMs, Cash Deposit Machines, Cash Recyclers and Multi-function Kiosk systems as well as mobile and web apps. Our goals are to enhance convenience for customers, reduce operational costs for banks, and improve overall efficiency.

Our Payments Platform is
PCI DSS compliant