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YOUPAY mobile wallet system is a payment platform which follows well-established financial regulations and performs financial transactions from or via a mobile device. More specifically, the consumers use their mobile devices for paying for services and good.

YOUPAY Mobile wallets allows users to manage digitized values of money to make payment to retailer, biller, merchants and fund transfer but also offer, card visualization, coupons, rewards, loyalty program and location-based marketing offers as value-added services to drive the usability. It let consumes effortlessly make purchases and conduct business electronically-anytime, anywhere.

YOUPAY mobile wallets promise to transform much more than just payments: it provides a customizable platform for Banks and financial institutions to create richer customer experiences and convince consumers to leave their leather wallets behind.

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Case Study

DaraPay Cambodia

With the vision to be the choice for day-to-day payments and transactions provider in Cambodia, DaraPay need to implement application and system that is reliable, rich of features and user-friendly with fast time-to-market.

Novus implemented combination between Wallet and Agency Banking solution. The application supports both Android and iOS platforms. Novus host the system for DaraPay, which also provide 24x7 support. By using this solution, DaraPay can use a single application for retail customer, merchant, as well as agents. Novus also implemented Portal Management for DaraPay so that DaraPay can perform customer, agent, merchant and system maintenances from back-office. The system maintenance also include foreign exchange rate management, blacklist management, fee management and user management.

As a result of timely implementation and effectiveness of Novus solution, Novus could deliver the expected timeline to DaraPay to enable Go-Live in December 2017 and within a short period of time it acquired more than 750 agents nationwide. As of October 2018, DaraPay has more than 2,200 agents and 800 merchants in urban cities of Cambodia.”

Features of DaraPay Cambodia

Agent & Merchant Enrollment
Bills Payment
Loan Payment
Mobile Top-Up
QR Code Payment
Fund Transfer
Balance Enquiry
Disburse Payroll

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Case Study

Thawani Oman

Thawani Pay is an innovative startup offering cashless mobile payment solutions to merchants and individual shoppers. They launched new digital payment experiences, such as QR-code, Digital ID, and m-invoices among other innovative features.

Thawani Pay mobile platform enabled Thawani to create rich customer experiences by allowing consumers to make self-service merchant payments conveniently. The app which is offered in both Arabic and English languages, continue to grow in terms of features and supported merchant network.

Thawani Pay is now the first and most innovative digital platform in Oman. It is also one of the few that have achieved PCI-DSS certification and continues to evolve into a comprehensive digital payments eco-system serving users, merchants, telcos, government, transport and petroleum companies.

Features of Thawani Oman

Sales Monitoring
QR Code Payment
Favorite Merchants
Monitor Spending
Faster Checkout
Agent & Merchant Enrollment​
Mobile Invoice
Secure Payments
Nearby Merchants

Introductory Video to Thawani Oman