Our People

Our people are discovered and not recruited. They are professionals who have proven themselves through various successful engagements around the region. Their reputation equates to successful projects but also fulfilled promises. Our policy is to continue to welcome more professionals from the industry with similar reputation and proven track record.

They are also industry experts with deep understanding of the processes involved in running the business and the difficulties that could occur while doing so.

Though our people are passionate about technology, they never lose the real focus, which is to successfully run a business. They remain business oriented even when they think, implement and operate technology.

“Pragmatic innovation, futuristic vision” is our motto for a very specific reason. Our people have their feet on the ground; their hearts with the customers but their heads are always in the sky, thinking about the future technologies and the advantages it could bring to us and our business partners.

Our people are encouraged to think outside of the box to be able to fulfill the above aspirations, but one border is clearly defined: that is to conduct business ethically and responsibly.

This is who we are. We hope you like us.

The Novus Technologies Team


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