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Cheque Digitalisation Solution

The global financial landscape has opened the doors to a truly important innovation in terms of cheque truncation, allowing physical cheques to be replaced by optically-scanned images.

Novus Cheque Deposit automation solution is leading to significant benefits for banks and financial institutions have the newest technologies for cheque scanning and image transfer. As cheques continue to form a significant percentage of all banking transactions, Novus Cheque Deposit solution digitizing end-to-end cheque scanning and clearing process making it as efficient as possible.The solution comes with innovative services, offers a variety of Cheque Automation to suit banks and clearing house business needs.

Single and Bulk Cheque Deposit Kiosk:
Novus Kiosk fitted with world most advance cheque scanning technology with inbuilt UV and IR camera. The kiosk application with OCR / ICR technology and Cheque Imaging Server provides the customer with the means of convenient and securely deposit multiple cheques which will be rapidly credited to their accounts. Single cheque deposit kiosk is a cost-effective solution with and requires very less maintenance.Both Single and Bulk cheque kiosk store up to 2000 cheques.

Digital Dropbox:
This greatly enhances the customer experience who is used to use the traditional manual dropbox.Digital Dropbox has the same look and feels as of manual dropbox but it has a scanner inside which gives the benefits of the instant Cheque scanning and transport to clearing house real time.

Benefits :

  • No Wait Times: Gives customer a quick self service option to avoid queues at the counter
  • Provide 24/7 Service: Operational capability to serve customers 24/7
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction: Convenient transactions with instant receipts with transaction details.
  • Reduced Operational Cost: Serve more customers per day with less staff

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