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Customer Experience Management Solution

One of the major factors influencing the success of organizations in today’s competitive world is to increase customer satisfaction through the improvement of service quality. Banks, in particular, pay special attention to service quality as the most significant core competence.

Novus NOVABANK is an Omnichannel solution that enriches the entire customer experience in all channels like never before. Solution converges mobile and Internet technologies and enables customer ’s transaction preprocessing for the branch which increases, branch efficiency not only by improving teller staff productivity but also reduce the queuing time. This lead to an improved customer experience, aiding loyalty results in better customer satisfaction.

Branches are the last frontier of the retail banking system and this solution address bank’s customers concerned about the time that they are required to wait before receiving their service. The delays in receiving service, which will lead to queuing and no personalization in service delivery are the usual customer’s concern in bank branches.

With NOVABANK solution bank now have enormous potential to increase sales and service through queue management systems and on-demand sales reporting technology enhancements with the option to integrate with various systems such as Core Banking, Switch, time/deposit, loan systems and credit card systems.

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Case Study

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)

To support challenging growth initiatives, RCBC needed to equip its branches in order to manage the huge volume of customer transactions, both from a Technology and Business point of view. The bank recognized that automation shall play a big role in managing traffic and at the same time enhancing customer experience at its branches.A comprehensive lobby management system should be able to handle queuing, redirection of low-value transactions and transaction initiation and fulfillment.

The RCBC Touch Q is an Online facility that allows clients to use any form factor of mobile devices and/or the internet in 1) preparing their bank transactions, and 2) submitting these transactions for advanced processing even before they reach the bank. This will eliminate the traditional way of filling out various transaction slips. To complete the transaction, customers go to any of the RCBC Touch Q-enabled branches, scan the generated QR code or encode the Reference Number of the transaction into the RCBC Touch Q kiosk. The client is automatically given priority queuing at the Business Center.

RCBC clients are able to pre-stage their transactions anytime, anywhere through the bank’s Touch Q Web Portal / Mobile App and enjoy a whole new banking experience.